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Criminal charges are no laughing matter, especially if you're charged with a crime you didn't commit. Whether you're innocent or guilty doesn't matter since America's justice guarantees that you have inalienable rights, up to and including the right to have evidence of your guilt tossed from a court, and have the evidence declared inadmissible. David N Richardson, Attorney at law in Lapeer, MI is your go-to attorney for all of the problems you may have.

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If you've been arrested, do not answer any questions the police officer asks you other than what your name, address, and phone number happens to be. If you're being detained, that's all you have to tell them. Call David without delay if you're being detained by the police; you also have the right to one phone call!

You get full legal services to defend you

  • Drunken-driving charges

  • All types of misdemeanors

  • Driving license restoration

  • Assault charges

  • Weapon charges

Tips for you if you have been arrested

  • Never permit search requests

  • Determine if you can leave

  • Remain silent and ask for an attorney

  • Do not resist arrest

  • Do not be confrontational


Call David N Richardson, Attorney at law for more information on what to do.

  • Drug offenses

  • Theft and burglary charges

  • Sexual assault

Proven Defense Methods

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